cinfo recently carried out a 5-day HR training for local staff of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation’s partner organisations

The participants came from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. They had either an HR or a general management function in their respective organisations.

The training covered topics from the entire HR-cycle, such as...

  • establishing Terms of Reference
  • interviewing techniques
  • staff appraisal
  • staff development
  • coping with difficult HR issues

Communication and teambuilding were included into the training as crucial transversal themes. 

Tailored training

Prior to the event, the training needs and specific challenges of the participants’ organisations had been assessed in an online survey. This allowed cinfo to tailor the training to best meet participants’ expectations.

In consultation with Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation the training was designed in an interactive way: participants could immediately put the theoretical inputs into practice and reflect together on the application of newly learnt content. In addition, participants formulated every day open questions, which were incorporated in the subsequent sessions.

The last day of the training was dedicated to the design of action plans, allowing participants to transfer the training content into their actual office context. These action plans were developed individually, shared in small groups and revised after their feedback. Finally, the plans were presented to the entire group as well as representatives of the Foundation. They now serve as a basis for the dialogue between the Foundation and its partner organisations on the transfer of the training into practice. 

The atmosphere during this 5-day training was lively and trustful. An ideal setting for exploring together new territories, for learning and growing.

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