Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies

A joint Centre of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva, their mission is to contribute to a better, more effective, humanitarian response.

The Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies offers a wide range of specialist and academic courses on humanitarian action, both online and residential, in Geneva and around the world, close to where professionals work. The courses focus on strengthening competencies for humanitarian professionals. Prospective students can select from a wide variety of courses in terms of length and discipline with flexible and modular options for professionals to deepen their knowledge. Thematic priorities are developed in close consultation with the Centre’s academic and humanitarian partners. Modules covering disciplines such as political science, international relations, economics, law, public health, geopolitics, sociology, anthropology, management, communication and ethics are all linked through an interdisciplinary approach.

Another vital component of the Centre’s work is integrated, evidence-based research looking at trends and changes in the sector. 

Last but not least, the Centre organises a range of policy events on contemporary topics affecting the humanitarian sector. This allows to enhance debate around humanitarian issues to help research and policy practice communities exchange perspectives and opinions.

Geneva, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Training and education for humanitarian professionals, research, events

The Centre offers training programmes and courses in Geneva and online

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