Master in Critical Urbanisms

In our rapidly changing and contested global environment, cities are becoming increasingly important: they house a majority of the world’s inhabitants and act as catalysts of social, political, economic, cultural, and ecological change. The Master in Critical Urbanisms at the University of Basel offers a pedagogical platform for understanding these planetary transformations. The program expands the study of the urban by examining today’s social struggles and global conflicts in relation to the legacies of empire and alternative practices of world-making and knowledge production. It starts from the premise that the world’s urban and environmental challenges call for new ways of thinking as well as doing. Imagining alternative futures means rethinking the present – its historical making, its political unfolding, and the ways in which it is made sensible.
The Master in Critical Urbanisms program trains a new generation of graduates to think and act beyond divisions of urban versus rural and North versus South in order to address the complexity of urban lifeworlds in the twenty-first century. The program is supported by an internationally recognized faculty who work on and with cities and territories from a global perspective. The curriculum trains students to develop theoretical and practical competencies, oriented toward both scholarly and public platforms. This combination is essential to address the extraordinarily complex imperatives of urbanization in the twenty-first century.

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4 semesters







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