NADEL – Center for Development and Cooperation

The NADEL Center for Development and Cooperation is part of the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Science of the ETH Zurich. It combines empirical research in social sciences with an interdisciplinary teaching program and various policy outreach activities to contribute to effective and sustainable development policies.

Educational programmes

NADEL offers the following courses: a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Development and Cooperation, a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Development and Cooperation, as well as individual three to five day modules in development and cooperation. The languages of instruction are German and English.

Project assignment

The first MAS semester is followed by an eight to ten month on-the-job training with a multi- or bi-lateral agency or non-governmental organisation working in international cooperation. It is designed to expose students to the complex realities of international cooperation and gain professional experience in this environment by working in an ongoing project.

Zurich, Switzerland

Training and research fields
Development cooperation, cultural and social aspects of development, development economics, history of international cooperation, politics and governance, the environment and resources

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