Swiss currently working with the United Nations or an International Financial Institution

Are you Swiss and currently employed at a UN organisation or International Financial Institution? Do you wish to advance professionally, are looking to orient yourself or want to discuss other matters related to your multilateral career? We can help you!

At cinfo, we can support you in building networks and guide you throughout the different stages of your career.

Benefit from:

Networking opportunities

As you know, networking is crucial for a successful career. Through cinfo you can:

  • Connect with other Swiss professionals by joining the LinkedIn group 'Swiss with Multilaterals'
  • Meet with other Swiss professionals and representatives of the Swiss Government at networking events organised by cinfo during our annual missions to New York and Geneva
  • Exchange with HR representatives from the UN and IFIs at our regular virtual and in-person networking events
Career advice & orientation

Have you reached a crossroad, need to take a quick decision, or face personal challenges related to your career UN or IFI career?

Register for an individual coaching session or participate in a career orientation workshop to reflect on:

  • Your professional and/or personal situation (including decision-making on job offers, relocation or repatriation, dual careers, etc.)
  • Your skills and potential
  • Your career goals and strategies to reach them
Application & interview support

Before applying

Before an interview

  • Swiss nationals who are invited to an interview with one of our 19 focus organisations are encouraged to share a copy (PDF) both of their application and the vacancy announcement with We inform our partners from the respective organisation and the Swiss Government about qualified applications in professional category and higher.
  • Benefit from interview preparation by registering for a Job Application Support.
    This service is offered free of charge to Swiss nationals that interview for positions in the professional category or higher with one of cinfo's 19 focus organisations mentioned below.
  • Have you applied to a non-focus multilateral organisation? Swiss nationals who have reached the final selection stage (short-list) are welcome to share a copy of the job description and their completed application form with the relevant desk at the Swiss Confederation. If you do not know the desk, send the documents to the Candidatures Section of the FDFA. Please note that support to individual applications is subject to strategic assessment.
Courses and trainings

Develop your competences through our various training programmes and courses and overcome work related difficulties, including:

  • intercultural challenges
  • leadership issues
  • stress and work-life balance
  • health and safety

Our focus organisations

cinfo has been mandated by the SDCSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and SECOState Secretariat for Economic Affairs to provide support in order to strengthen the presence of Swiss nationals in the following organisations:

 [Coming soon:  WHO and OCHA]

Stay up-to-date about developments and recruitment initiatives for these organisations by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

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Connect with other Swiss in multilateral organisations

You are a Swiss national working in a multilateral organisation (MO)?

  • Join our closed LinkedIn group Swiss with Multilaterals that connects Swiss in MOs and Government representatives working on multilateral affairs!
  • View the list of Swiss working in the United Nations system and add your own contact details: please send an e-mail to

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Working with multilateral organisations in various contractual settings, from your homebase or abroad, may generate questions on your social security and that of your family. 

Soliswiss (Cooperative of Swiss Abroad) has the expert knowledge and offers individual advice. 

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