Assess whether you have the right profile for a JPO position in multilateral organisations.

Swiss JPO positions: which profiles are most sought after?

All year round, cinfo advertises JPO vacancies in the United Nations and international financial institutions. Who are these opportunities for?

«All talents currently employed in the programme have one thing in common: a strong interest in working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in multilateral organisations», says Natal Donnaloia, Outreach and Recruitment Officer at cinfo. «One of our most important selection criteria is a person’s motivation to pursue a long-term career in the United Nations or an international financial institution, positions where they will spend most of their time outside Switzerland.»

In addition to an interest in working with multilateral organisations, there are of course other general requirements regarding nationality, level of education, age and experience (see below). «Organisations are looking for very diverse profiles for their positions», explains Nora Landheer from cinfo. «Professionals must be outstanding in their field. But, in addition to technical competencies, we also evaluate professional ethics and interpersonal, social and intercultural skills.» These 'soft skills' ultimately play a major role in international cooperation, as people have to work together on a daily basis with a wide range of interlocutors.

Organisations look for new staff across a broad range of specialisations

Let’s return quickly to the roles of those currently employed as JPOsJunior Professional Officers . Their job descriptions alone indicate the diversity of specialisations:

  • Accountability to Affected Populations Officer
  • Analyst, Corporate & Project Finance Credit Risk Management
  • Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer
  • Associate Human Rights Officer
  • Associate Political Affairs Officer
  • Associate Protection Officer
  • Associate Trial Lawyer
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme Officer
  • Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer
  • Emergency Officer
  • Genetic Resources Officer
  • JPOJunior Professional Officer Culture and Conflict
  • JPO in Electoral Assistance
  • JPO in Investment Management
  • JPO in Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
  • JPO in Research, Coordination and Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst
  • Programme Analyst (Governance and Peacebuilding)
  • Strategic HR & Operations Analyst
  • Supply Chain Officer
  • Technical Analyst, Innovation
  • Urban Development Specialist
  • ... among others

This means that most university faculties are represented; many have a chance to become a JPO. According to Natal it is essential to stay up to date. «Most positions are advertised for only a few weeks. It’s worth visiting the Swiss JPO portal regularly, following cinfo on LinkedIn and Facebook, and subscribing to cinfo's tailor-made jobletter and newsletter

It is important to keep up to date with new opportunities

«Many people don’t apply because they assume that there will be too many applications, and so they won’t stand a chance. But that’s not true.» These federally sponsored positions are available only to Swiss citizens; without international competition, the chances of getting a position are considerably improved. For some specialisations, which face stiff competition in the private sector (for example, economics and finance), it can be, for us recruiters, like looking for a needle in the haystack to find the right pearl.

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Do you have at least 3 years' relevant professional experience and striving for a career with the UN or an IFIInternational Financial Institution ? The Swiss JPOJunior Professional Officer programme, financed by the Swiss Confederation, is open to Swiss up to the age of 32.
It is one of the best ways to get a foothold in a multilateral organisation. The contract period varies between 2 and 3 years. 

Visit the Swiss JPO portal and find all current JPO vacancies.

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