Switzerland at the UN by the Swiss of the UN

Switzerland became a member state of the United Nations on 10 September 2002. Twenty years later, the presence of Swiss citizens working at the UN is an illustration of the many aspects of what Switzerland and the UN are doing for one another.

Switzerland and United Nations


Swiss Mission

20 years of Switzerland joining the UN

A series of video capsules on Swiss UN staff members

In the following video capsules produced by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in Geneva, get to know Swiss UN staff members who work in various UN organisations, roles and locations.
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Nathalie Bussien (Child Protection Officer, UNHCR)

Anita Cadonau (Public Information Officer, OCHA)

Martina Donlon (Focal point for climate, UN Dept. for Global Communications)

Laurent Dufour (Head of Humanitarian Access Unit, OCHA)

Sébastien Fahrni (Associate Coordination Officer, UNRCO)

Patrick Gauchat (Head of Mission, UNTSO)

Vittoria Groh (Communications Specialist, UN Environment Programme)

Jakob Kern (Director of Operational Management, WFP)

Rinaldo Imhof (UN Office, Geneva)

Jürg Luterbarcher (Chief Scientist, WMO)

Liam Perret (Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, IOM)

Marie-Dolorès Rosat (Translator, UN)