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Thanks to our specialist knowledge of international cooperation, we support our partner organisations and clients with relevant information and customised services in career management, recruitment, human resource development, intercultural cooperation and networking.

We advise specialists and interested persons on the international (IC) cooperation labour market, on career opportunities and jobs in various sectors, and on recruitment and personnel development. By doing so, we lay the foundations for sustainable decision-making.

We provide practice-based further education and training, as well as individual counselling and coaching for prospective and current employees in international cooperation. As a result, we enable you to succeed in a highly challenging environment and to develop professionally.

We provide tailored solutions for recruiting and training staff for non-governmental organisations, multilateral organisations and Federal offices. We make it easier for our partners to concentrate fully on their core business.

Our services for individuals and organisations: What we offer

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What does international cooperation mean? In the panorama of the IC working world you will find definitions, actors and career examples.

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