Strategic and network partnerships allow cinfo to reach out to new audiences, to inform and accompany them on their way to international cooperation. Special thanks to our current partners.

Strategic partners

The CHS Alliance is a global alliance of humanitarian and development organisations committed to making aid work better for people. We believe organisations deliver higher quality, more effective aid when they are accountable to the people they serve.

GISF is an NGO network for security focal points and a global centre of excellence for humanitarian security risk management. The forum currently represents over 100 aid agencies operating internationally.

Network partners

The Think Tank foraus advocates a constructive foreign policy and an informative dialogue. foraus offers young talent voluntary access to the discourse, where they can contribute with their ideas to foreign policy – outside the traditional framework of political parties. foraus publishes scientific-based policy recommendations in the form of discussion papers, policy briefs and blog posts, as well as organises high-level debates with the aim of creating innovative solutions for foreign policy.

Gesellschaft Schweiz-UNO (GSUN) is committed to strengthening relations between Switzerland and the United Nations (UN). They achieve this by disseminating knowledge about the UN and its significance for the Swiss population and by stimulating a debate on Switzerland's role within the UN and International Geneva. They also work within Switzerland to promote the networking of actors who are committed to multilateralism.

The OSAOrganisation of the Swiss Abroad is a centre of expertise on all matters concerning Swiss people living abroad. It is a politically and religiously neutral, independent non-governmental organisation. It defends and represents the interests of Swiss citizens living abroad and offers them a wide range of services.
The Swiss diaspora is spread across every continent. This multilingual and multicultural community plays a significant role in shaping Switzerland’s image in other countries. It is therefore of central importance to maintain a strong bond between Swiss citizens living abroad and those in Switzerland. To achieve this objective, the OSA has set itself four tasks: to inform, network, represent and advise the Swiss Abroad. 

OWIT Lake Geneva is a non-profit association, established in 2000, as the Swiss chapter of OWIT International, with the main goal of being a vehicle for professional women and men to meet and expand their networks, connect and exchange ideas. Their areas of focus are international trade & business, personal and professional development. women's empowerment, diversity & inclusion, work/life balance and wellbeing.

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