Overview of actors

Aga Khan Development Network

The AKDN is dedicated to improving the quality of life of those in need, mainly in Asia and Africa, irrespective of their origin, faith, or gender.

AKDN takes a holistic approach to achieving sustainable improvements. It seeks to meet immediate needs such as food provision and disaster rescue, while taking a long-term approach to development through projects such as building universities and green infrastructure. AKDN addresses physical requirements, from bridges to latrines, as well as less tangible aspects to quality of life, such as funding research, establishing savings societies or supporting musical performances.

Focusing on the following sustainable development goals (SDGs)

No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good Health and Well-being
Quality Education
Clean Water and Sanitation
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Reduced Inequalities

How we work

With nine agencies working in concert, AKDN uses a multifaceted strategy to tackle the difficulties faced in the poorest regions of the globe. While AKDN also steps in to meet urgent short-term needs, the agencies focus on sustainable programmes that address the many factors contributing to poverty.
AKDN embeds physical and social infrastructure, health and education services, business and finance facilities, environmental planning and more within the communities where it works.

... and why

AKDN believes that successful development occurs when a continuum of development activities offers people in a given area not only a rise in incomes, but a broad, sustained improvement in the overall quality of life. Its agencies therefore integrate their activities in order to reinforce each other’s efforts and multiply their impact.

Career opportunities

Seeking candidates mainly in

No particular focus (few employees)

The Aga Khan Development Network focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and the promotion of economic development. It is dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender.

Opportunities offered

Internships for students yes
Traineeships/Talent programs for graduates yes
Positions/programs for young professionals yes
Staff positions for professionals yes
Senior or management positions yes
Consultancy opportunities no
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Type of organisation


Field(s) of activity

Development Cooperation


Geneva, Switzerland

Region(s) of operation

Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Middle East and Northern Africa
North America
South/East Asia and Pacific
Sub-Saharan Africa

Number of employees

In Switzerland:
Between 20 and 50

Outside Switzerland:
More than 1000

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