Career Advice

Are you unclear about the next steps of your career? Do you want to assess your situation and your potential?

Choose what suits you best...

Single sessions

Discuss your concerns during one session or decide after each session whether you want to continue or not. Every time it is you who determines which topics you want to focus on.

Package of six hours
Package of six hours

Discuss your concerns in more depth. Your career counsellor takes you through a step-by-step process, which is based on a thorough analysis of your skills, experience, capabilities and potential.

Workshop and 2 single sessions
One-day workshop and 2 single sessions

Get most out of a workshop with peers to assess your skills and potential. Sharing experiences with and getting feedback from other participants helps you to reflect about yourself. Explore certain topics in more depth in the subsequent sessions with your career counsellor.

For more information, check out Career Orientation 

Career advice allows you to explore your questions so that you can better assess your situation and position yourself accordingly.


Career advice can cover all aspects of your career in international cooperation, such as:

  • your professional situation, today and in the future
  • your profile, competences and aspirations
  • your career development
  • information about job requirements, employers and application, etc.

For whom

  • Junior and experienced professionals in international cooperation, employed at the headquarters or abroad. Partners can be advised, too.
  • In some cases, we also assist professionals from other sectors.


You can receive this support in person at cinfo in Bienne, by telephone or Skype.

  • A single session of 60 minutes
  • A package of two hours (2 x 60 minutes) at a reduced price
  • Additional single sessions of each 60 minutes
  • Or a package of six hours (6 x 60 minutes or 4 x 90 minutes) at a reduced price


on-site and online
Bienne or online
CHF 180 / 340 / 890

Single session: CHF 180 
Package of two hours: CHF 340
Package of six hours: CHF 890

You won't be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.


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