Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland is active in Switzerland and abroad. In Switzerland, Caritas gets actively involved when people are affected by poverty. Abroad, Caritas helps people in need in disasters and helps with reconstruction. Development cooperation helps people to help themselves, in such areas as food security, water, the environment, human rights and education for children and adults.

Working for Caritas

Caritas Switzerland has 267 full-time posts for 350 employees, of whom 55 % are at HQ, 40 % are working in the Swiss branch offices and 6 % are posted abroad.

Sought profiles

Regularly sought profiles include programme managers, social workers, and administration and finance specialists.

Opportunities for students and young professionals

Caritas offers 6 – 12 months junior positions for recent graduates without professional experience, within the “international cooperation” department in the headquarters and sometimes in the field. Junior staff primarily support programme managers with implementing  projects.

Caritas also offers a 2-3 year programme for graduates between 25-32 years with 1 year experience abroad, preferably in international cooperation, to become a programme manager. The programme aims to develop the necessary competences and to familiarise participants with all aspects of this position, such as finance, reporting and communication. It includes a posting abroad.

Lucerne, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, humanitarian aid, emergency relief, food security, water, the environment, human rights, education.

Countries of operation
Switzerland and 40 countries worldwide

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