cinfo provides guidance and support throughout various career phases

A continuous career within one organisation is no longer common in international cooperation. Increasingly, people are moving between longer employment contracts and short-term engagements in Switzerland and abroad. The examples and the graph below show how we support individuals and organisations in a flexible way, according to their personal situation and needs.

Typical situations – examples from last year

Preparing for new challenges

Henri, 50, has worked for more than 7 years as a local employee in project and programme management in the country office of a Swiss organisation. Given his well-grounded knowledge of the programme and the organisation he works with, he was recently selected for the position of Country Director that is due to be filled in one year. In order to prepare him for this new role Henri’s employer pays for a coaching for Henri from cinfo.

More information: Thematic Coaching

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Developing new competencies

Virginie, 36, has more than five years working experience in various development cooperation projects, mainly in Latin America. Six months ago, she took up a new position in South East Asia. She soon felt that something was wrong. She didn’t know how she should get things done with the people around her. They were always polite, helpful and smiling but at the same time she had the impression they did not take her seriously. During the last two weeks she lost her temper twice, which made the whole thing even worse.

More information: Managing Across Cultures

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Situational assessment

Sébastien, 40, was a delegate with the ICRC for 7 years. He is now on sabbatical as he and his partner are expecting their second child. So far he has managed to reconcile his job with family life. Yet he is now wondering whether to continue working for the ICRC or rather find a job in Switzerland. He however does not know how to position himself on the local job market after all these years of working in humanitarian aid.

More information: Career Advice

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Lateral transfers

Anne, 52, has worked for 20 years at a multinational company in Africa where she liaised with different actors of the value-added chain of cacao. She now wants to leave the profit-oriented corporate world and find out whether she could transfer to the development cooperation sector.

More information: Reflexionstag / Journée de réflexion

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Job application support

Marco, 35, works in Switzerland for a small organisation that is active in the health sector. He recently saw a vacancy for a similar position at a larger organization, which he believes to be the opportunity he had long been waiting for. He realizes however that he has trouble putting his motivation into words. Moreover, he is confused regarding the writing of his CV after having heard various different tips in this regard. He knows that he will need to prepare appropriately for a future interview in order to appear self-confident. But how?

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Eva, 26: her first three months as a United Nations Youth Volunteer were loaded with frustration. Two days after her arrival her immediate supervisor went on maternity leave and nobody knew exactly what her contribution to the agency’s various projects should be. As a Youth Volunteer, who just arrived, she was often not invited to the coordination meetings. When she was, the national staff members spoke in their local language. After only 3 months, Eva wondered whether she should leave…

More information: Thematic Coaching

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