cinfoPoste – information and prices

  • Advertisements for junior positions and trainees are free.
  • The price for a single advertisement is valid for a maximum of two months.
  • You create your own online advertisement, which cinfo will validate and publish no more than one working day after receipt.

Creating your advertisement


Single advertisement

CHF 190.– / reduced price* CHF 160.–

  • This option is best if you advertise less than five vacancies per year.
  • Single advertisements cannot be subsequently credited to an annual subscription.

Annual subscription

CHF 900.– / reduced price* CHF 750.–

  • Take advantage of this offer if you advertise five or more vacancies per year.
  • The number of advertisements is unlimited.
  • You pay the fee with your first advertisement.
  • The one-year period begins with the publication of your first advertisement.

* The reduced price applies to organisations that are members of Network cinfo at the time of purchasing a single advertisement or annual subscription. Exceptions are education and training institutions.

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