Coaching for those involved in international cooperation, in the field or at headquarters

Do you feel blocked professionally, without understanding why? Do you sometimes lack the space for reflection and overview?

Our trained coaches, experienced in development cooperation and humanitarian aid, are ready to support you through such situations. Through coaching you can get to the bottom of your questions, sketch out an action plan and unblock your situation:

You analyse your situation

Together with our coach, you describe and dissect the situation or the issue you want to talk about: 

  • What is going on?
  • What is fact and what is your perception? 
  • What is your role or contribution to the situation?
You explore new options

Together with our coach, you learn how to see and explore new perspectives:

  • What are your goals and resources?
  • What options do you have? 
  • Which options would you like to explore?
  • What else is important?
You identify solutions

Together with our coach, you identify and decide on solutions. You commit to them and reflect on how you can implement them in daily life.


  • Leadership issues;
  • Stress and work-life balance;
  • Health and safety;
  • Working in diverse or multicultural teams;
  • Working in different cultural contexts;
  • ... and more

There is often no perfect, logical solution for difficult situations. Our coaches are committed to supporting you in your search for sustainable solutions tailored to your situation.

Get to know our coaches

Daniel Glinz

More than 15 years‘ work experience at the ICRC in various roles, from delegate to manager, team leader and trainer. Certified professional coach and trainer for adults.

"Providing support to professionals in changing their own perspectives and helping them to reconnect with themselves – this is what we do in our coaching activity."

Babette Pfander >>>
Babette Pfander

20 years‘ work experience in the sector, including 5 years as a coach and career adviser. Certified professional coach.

"During a coaching session, we analyse the situation and create a space for new possibilities. Sometimes they are the result of a change of perspective, sometimes of (self-)reflection, sometimes of questions that we hadn‘t asked ourselves before. I support the person in their creative search for ways to strengthen their capacity for action."

Adrian Marti >>>
Adrian Marti

Nearly 30 years‘ work experience in the sector, from the ICRC to SDCSwiss Agency for Development and Cooperation , UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the private sector. Certified professional coach.

"Creating a space of trust, even if we are far from Switzerland. This makes it possible to address professional, intercultural or work-life balance ­concerns and try to resolve them together. I ­accompany individuals in finding positive and ­creative solutions."

Beat Geiser >>>
Beat Geiser

25 years‘ work experience in the sector, including 15 years as a coach and career adviser. Certified professional coach.

"What we perceive as a problem or obstacle is often a symptom that absorbs our attention. Clarifying a situation as a whole, understanding our own role and reactions as well as others‘ points of view, changes the shape and dimensions of the obstacle or question we are asking ourselves."

For whom

  • Professionals working in humanitarian aid or development cooperation, with NGOs, UN organisations, international financial institutions, governments, foundations and other private actors – in the field or at headquarters.
  • Accompanying persons who follow their partner (working in international cooperation) abroad.


You can receive this support in our offices in Biel/Bienne, online/on Skype or telephone.
Currently: online only due to COVID-19 restrictions.

  • A first single session of 60 minutes (initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps)
  • A package of two hours (2 x 60 minutes) at a reduced price
  • Additional single sessions of each 60 minutes 
  • Or a package of six hours (6 x 60 minutes or 4 x 90 minutes) at a reduced price


English, French or German


Register now for one or more coaching session(s)

on-site and online
Bienne or online
CHF 180 / 340 / 890

Single session: CHF 180
Package of two hours: CHF 340
Package of six hours: CHF 890

You won't be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.


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