COMUNDO is active in development cooperation projects with around one hundred co-workers on three continents. This makes it the leading Swiss organization in Personnel Development Cooperation (PDC). In the countries of operations, COMUNDO focuses on the protection of livelihoods in the areas of livelihood security, democracy and peace as well as environment. For this, the co-workers exchange their knowledge and experience with local partner organizations. In Switzerland, COMUNDO makes people conscious of global interrelationships and raises awareness among civil society and political decision-makers, in the interests of responsible action.

Working at COMUNDO

Around 100 people are on assignment in 7 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Profiles searched for

We are constantly looking for people in the following professional fields:
Social sciences and humanities, education, media and communication, natural science, health, economics and law. The assignment can be done as an individual, couple or family, take three years and are realized in partnership with local organisations.

Junior positions and programmes

  • One-year internship
    For young professionals from the age of 21 with less than two years of professional experience and with the aim of gaining initial experience in international cooperation. With their one-year commitment, they fulfill a special assignment as part of a partner organization.
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Portraits of employees

Fribourg, Lucerne, Bellinzone, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, livelihood security, democracy and peace, environment, diversity, cultures and religions

Countries of operation
7 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia

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