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Demystifying the cinfoPoste Talent Pool

Have you ever joined a talent pool? Are you intrigued or somewhat reluctant to dip into the possibilities that talent pools offer? This article demystifies this practice and highlights the associated benefits of creating a profile and keeping it up to date.


Misconception #1

"I’m not looking for a job right now, so I don’t need a profile in the talent pool / my profile doesn’t need to be regularly updated."  

It’s up to you. But we tend to agree that it’s to your detriment if you don't.😉

  1. You should keep your profile up-to-date, even if you’re currently employed. Think about it like your LinkedIn profile, where you add your present situation and activities. Furthermore, by joining the cinfoPoste talent pool, your profile is within reach of our recruiters for hard-to-fill positions – which means we could be knocking at your door. Staying updated with opportunities in the job market allows you to compare your current situation with offers on the market and thus evaluate your positioning.
  2. By joining the talent pool, we keep you informed about the latest recruitment efforts of development and humanitarian organisations, networking events (with other professionals) and articles regarding news and trends within the sector.

Misconception #2

"All employers (including my current employer) can find me in the talent pool."

No way! We care too much about your privacy.

Your data is only visible to selected cinfo staff and consultants who work for cinfo under a confidentiality agreement. cinfo will only share your professional profile with third parties if you have given your expressed consent.

Misconception #3

"Making my profile attractive in the talent pool is time-consuming."

It’s much faster than you would think, and it’s about investing in yourself.

  1. With only one click, you can upload your current CV.
  2. Make sure you use keywords and tags; our AI will scan your CV and contribute to informing you about positions of interest.
  3. Setting up your job agents may take a few minutes, but it’s worth the investment. Otherwise, you could miss out on opportunities that match your criteria and needs.

Misconception #4

"I don’t fit the typical profile (e.g. a degree in international relations) of professionals working in international cooperation. Why should I be in the talent pool?"

It’s a common misconception that international cooperation professionals have a particular profile. Whichever profile you currently have, it may be needed in international cooperation.

  1. International cooperation covers a wide array of work areas to face the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.
  2. The truth is that employers are looking for a diverse range of profiles, from economics and finance to law, HR, and social sciences. In 2019, logistics and construction accounted for only 3% of the advertised vacancies on cinfoPoste…and only 6% were for positions in health and medicine.
  3. You may already be aware that cinfo performs active sourcing in the talent pool for hard-to-fill positions. Your profile might be the one! So, whatever your background, don't be too quick to exclude yourself.


Your next step

You have no profile in the cinfoPoste talent pool yet

Invest a few minutes in creating a profile, even if you are not actively looking for a job right now.

You already have a profile in the cinfoPoste talent pool

When was the last time you updated it? Have you enabled the Job Agents feature? You can certainly find ways to sharpen your profile.