Education and training programmes

With so many courses available, choosing a relevant programme for a career in international cooperation can be a daunting prospect. Compare and choose from over 200 education and training programmes by more than 40 institutions.

Title Institution Qualification Duration
Executive Master in International Law in Armed Conflict Geneva Academy and UNIGE MAS 10 months
LLM in Global Health Law and International Institutions Graduate Institute MAS 1 year
LLM in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Geneva Academy and UNIGE MAS 12 months
LLM in International Law Graduate Institute MAS 1 year
MAS Education internationale et Recherche UNIGE MAS 2 years
MAS International Dispute Settlement UNIGE and CIDS MAS 1 year
MAS International and European Security UNIGE MAS 8 months
MAS Urbanisme UNIGE and EPFL MAS
MAS in Children's Rights UNIGE and CIDE MAS
MAS in European and International Governance UNIGE in cooperation with UNOG MAS 9 months
MAS in International Strategy and Leadership Graduate Institute MAS
MAS in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law Geneva Academy and UNIGE MAS