Education and training programmes

With so many courses available, choosing a relevant programme for a career in international cooperation can be a daunting prospect. Compare and choose from over 200 education and training programmes by more than 40 institutions.

Title Institution Qualification Duration
Advocacy for humanitarian projects in health CERAH Others 5 days
Bachelor Gesellschafts- und Kommunikationswissenschaften UNILU BA/BLaw/BSc 3 years
Bridging Distances cinfo Others 5 sessions
CAS Advocacy in International Affairs Graduate Institute CAS 3 months
CAS Communication, Advocacy and Negotiation in Humanitarian Action CERAH CAS 7 weeks
CAS Die Kunst der Konfliktbearbeitung ICP CAS 18 months
CAS Innovative Projekte und Teams führen IKF CAS 4 months
CAS Interkulturelle Kommunikation & Transkulturelle Kompetenzen IKF CAS 5 months
CAS Kommunizieren und handeln im interkulturellen Kontext ZHAW CAS 8 months
CAS Transkulturelle Kommunikation und Mediation IKF CAS 4 months
CAS Transkulturelles Coaching und Organisationsberatung IKF CAS 5 months
CAS in African Affairs UNIBAS CAS 1 year
CAS in Decision Making and Leadership UNILU CAS 22 days
CAS in Human Factors in Leadership UNILU CAS 18 days
CAS in Information Management and Leadership UNILU CAS 18 days
Collaborating Across Cultures cinfo Others At you own pace
Compétence transculturelle pour la pratique professionnelle OSAR Others 2 days
DAS Advocacy in International Affairs Graduate Institute DAS 7 months
DAS en Gestion culturelle UNIL and EPFL DAS 18 months
Designing an advocacy strategy for humanitarian action CERAH Others 5 days
L'art de communiquer: une stratégie, des outils, une éthique Isango Others 2 days
MAS Transkulturelle Kommunikation IKF MAS
MAS in Effective Leadership UNILU MAS 70 days in 2 years
MAS in Intercultural Communication USI MAS 18 months
Master Gesellschafts- und Kommunikationswissenschaften UNILU MA/MLaw/MSc 2 years
Media and humanitarian action CERAH Others 5 days
Negotiation in humanitarian crises CERAH Others 5 days
Participatory approaches with crisis affected communities CERAH Others 5 days
SDC further training courses SDC Others
Se préparer à la rencontre interculturelle Isango Others 2 days
Strategic Communication for Non-Profit Organisations NGO Management School Others 3 days
UNITAR E-learning Courses UNITAR Others