Education and training programmes

With so many courses available, choosing a relevant programme for a career in international cooperation can be a daunting prospect. Compare and choose from over 200 education and training programmes by more than 40 institutions.

Title Institution Qualification Duration
DAS Advocacy in International Affairs Graduate Institute DAS 7 months
DAS Coopération internationale en éducation UNIGE DAS 15 months
DAS Gestion et management dans les organismes sans but lucratif (OSBL) UNIGE DAS
DAS International Organizations UNIGE DAS
DAS Kommunikation und Fundraising Management für NPO FHNW DAS 18 months
DAS Management de projets UNIGE DAS
DAS en Gestion culturelle UNIL and EPFL DAS 18 months
DAS en Gestion et management dans les organismes sans but lucratif GSEM Executive, UNIGE DAS 36 days over 10 months
DAS en Management durable HEG-Genève DAS
DAS in Civilian Peacebuilding swisspeace and UNIBAS DAS 1 year
DAS in Evaluation ZUW UNIBE DAS 32 days
DAS in Health Care and Management: From Research to Implementation Swiss TPH and UNIBAS DAS 14 weeks
DAS in Humanitarian Action Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, Graduate Institute and UNIGE DAS 13 weeks
Diploma in Advanced Sustainability The Institute for Business Sustainability DAS 10 months
Environmental Governance and Policy Making Graduate Institute DAS 7 months
Executive Master in Conflict and Fragility Management Graduate Institute DAS 3 months
Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices Graduate Institute DAS 3 modules over 6 months
Executive Master in International Negotiation and Policy Making Graduate Institute DAS 8 months