Types of employers

Working in training and research

Can you predict what work in an organisation looks like from its status? Yes, to some extent. There are different types of actors in international cooperation. A comparison between them shows the similarities and differences that can influence work. It goes without saying that each organisation also has its own particularities.

Working in training and research

Training and research institutions at a glance

Institutions active in education and research, which have a link to international cooperation, are often also active as service providers, especially in the field of consulting. They reflect trends in the labour market and provide opportunities for young people interested in international cooperation as well as professionals in the sector to undertake further training. Their research helps to quickly identify market trends, question certain aspects and/or optimise work processes in the sector.

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Training and research institutions in the overview of actors

How does the status of training and research institution influence the working environment?

  • In principle, work in these institutions consists of a mix of research (e.g. thesis work) and services.
  • Often the activities are not exclusively associated with international cooperation.