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Advice on Training and Further Education

Advice on relevant training and further education to achieve your career goals in international cooperation.

Thinking about studying or pursuing further education? Our career advisors help you determine whether this is the right path for you. If so, they support you in finding the programme that best suits your career goals and interests.

You will define your training or further education goals through a process of reflection. Having received a comprehensive overview of courses in the field of international cooperation, you will be able to make informed decisions.

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Biel-Bienne, online or by telephone
60 minutes/session
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Examples of possible situations and questions

Keeping up to date

You want to stay informed and to be able to respond to the latest developments in your field of expertise.

Developing soft skills

You want to build up your communication, collaboration, or leadership skills.

Meeting entry-level requirements for a job

You consider yourself underqualified for a job in international cooperation, and want to take action.

"Boosting your CV" to pursue a career in the sector

You feel that further education would benefit your career development in international cooperation.

Making yourself more employable

You want to get a qualification that is valued by the employers you would like to work with.

Giving your career a new direction

You wish to add a new dimension to your profile, by deepening or adding a topic or area of expertise.

This support helps you assess your situation before signing up for a training course that may be costly or time-consuming.

Counselling sessions are structured as below

  • Outline your situation and the paths you are considering
  • Clarify concerns
  • Agree on goals of session

For example:

  • Discuss and determine realistic (career) goals
  • Identify gaps or obstacles
  • Analyse the coherence between career goals and potential training

For example:

  • Get information on training and further education options
  • Analyse the fit with career goals and the implications in terms of personal and financial investment
  • If necessary, identify possible alternatives

Our career advisors

Our career advisors have many years’ experience of working in international cooperation, in-depth knowledge of the sector, and expertise in counselling and coaching. They are in regular contact with employers.

Beat Geiser
Beat has coached individuals and groups in career development, career transitions, work... More
Gabriela Steinemann
Gabriela has been involved in counselling and supporting people for 15+ years, mainly i... More
Babette Pfander
Babette has 15+ years of professional experience in international cooperation, includin... More
Adrian Marti
Adrian has worked in international cooperation for 30+ years for the ICRC, SDC, UNHCR, ... More


60-minute session, onsite

Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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60-minute session, online


Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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60-minute session, by telephone

Phone call

Initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps.

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2-hour package (2x60 minutes)

Biel-Bienne, Zoom or by telephone

Analysis of your situation, special focus on specific topics, outline of the next steps.

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