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How to set up your job agents on cinfoPoste

Career opportunities on cinfoPoste are very diverse. To help you find the positions that match your profile, we have created an automated job agent that allows you to receive relevant job offers directly in your mailbox.

Frequently asked questions


What is the CV extract for?

It helps our artificial intelligence system understand who you are. We recommend you modify and complete the list of job titles and skills to make sure it accurately reflects your profile.

My CV extract looks awful, should I worry about it?

You shouldn’t. It is your original CV that will be considered when recruiters evaluate your profile. Only our artificial intelligence “sees” the extract.

Job application

Where can I replace my CV with a new version?

To replace your standard CV, please go to the account management section and select “Update CV”.

Where can I upload a CV targeting a specific vacancy?

The system allows you to make use of a generic CV. Ensure this includes all the information you want to share for the vacancy you are applying for. Remember, the cover letter should always target the job you are applying for. If you wish to, you can upload additional CVs under “Documents” in your personal area.

Where can I add a job-specific cover letter?

During the application process, you can copy/paste your cover letter in a dedicated textbox.

I would like to add work certificates, diplomas or other documents to my application. Where can I upload them?

When logged in, you can find a section “Documents” in your personal area. Upload as many documents as you want. These documents will be included in your application when you apply for a job on cinfoPoste.

The matching indicator suggests that I do not have a relevant profile to apply for a particular job. Should I still take a chance?

The job matching indicator helps you assess if your skills and experiences correspond to the job you are applying for. It is based on algorithms, which compare your job title and extracts of your CV to the job description. Although the system is performant, artificial intelligence is never as good as a recruiter. While we are helping AI to learn and give you a good overview, do consider it, but do not take it to the letter! It won’t be considered during the recruitment process.
To optimise this function, make sure you have a complete CV for our algorithm to be able to identify a maximum of your skills and experiences, including keywords that you want to be sure get picked up.

How is the affinity rate calculated?

The matching bar only has an indicative value. The tool is based on a complex algorithm which includes several weighted averages, such as your job title (i.e. the main profession you indicate when you register), keywords in your main CV, and the description of the job advertisement.

Job letter and job agents (email notifications)

What is a job agent?

Job agents are job alerts sent via email. They are generated automatically based on your profile and help you keep up-to-date with the latest vacancies that are most relevant to your profile. You can activate/change your job agents manually under “Job agents” in your personal area. Read more:
How to set up your job agents on cinfoPoste

How can I make sure that the job letters I receive match my interest?

You can create job agents yourself in your personal area by completing the section of interest to you. This allows you to receive vacancies that most closely match your interest. Read more:
How to set up your job agents on cinfoPoste

Video CV

What is the video CV for?

The video CV allows candidates to showcase their skills and experiences, and provides a more well-rounded view of who they are. For cinfo, recording a video CV is not mandatory (unless specifically requested), but it can enhance the visibility of your profile to recruiters.
Read more about video CV on LinkedIn.

What am I supposed to say in my video CV?

You will be asked four questions about your skills, professional experience and motivation. The four questions can be read before starting to record the video.

Once recorded, can I see the video CV? When?

Once recorded, the video is formatted and then made available in your personal area. The process takes around 1 hour.

Who can see my video CV?

Unless you apply for a job through cinfoPoste, the video CV is only visible to cinfo staff and will not be shared with any third parties.

Can I do the CV video again if I am not satisfied after the first recording?

This is possible in your personal area, once the first recording has been processed and made available.

Data privacy

Who can see my professional profile and CV?

Unless you apply for a job through cinfoPoste, your data is visible to cinfo staff only. Your professional profile might be shared with third parties ONLY if cinfo manages the recruitment process on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (JPO & UNYV programmes, etc.) or another client. This will be specified in the job advertisement. All consultants who work with cinfo are under a confidentiality agreement.

Does cinfo share my data with third parties?

cinfo shares your profile and application if we manage the recruitment process on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (JPO & UNYV programmes, etc.) or another client. This will be specified in the job advertisement. All consultants who work with cinfo are under a confidentiality agreement. When cinfo does active sourcing to help an organisation find the perfect match, your data might be shared only with your explicit consent.

How long is the data stored?

Your data is stored for a maximum of three years since your last login to the platform.

Where are the cinfoPoste servers located?

Personal data is stored in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. For cinfoPoste, we use the services of Digital Ocean to store data. More information.

What happens to my data if I close my account?

You can close your account in your personal area under “Account management”. If you delete your profile, all your data will be erased from our servers and you will not be able to restore it.

What are my rights regarding my data?

Our privacy policy is aligned with Swiss and European regulation, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At cinfo, we respect your privacy and your rights with respect to your data. Find more information in our terms of use and privacy policy.

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