Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (COP) aim to promote cooperation, information sharing, and the development of new approaches to personnel issues among Swiss IC actors.

Organisations in the Communities of Practice expand their networks and promote quality human resource practices in international cooperation. Employees of Network cinfo member organisations can regularly exchange information on personnel and personnel development issues in Biel and via online platforms, and together, generate new understanding and solutions.

Current Communities of Practice:

Personnel and Personnel Development (PPD)

HR personnel from Network cinfo member organisations

  • Exchange of information and experiences on human resources and personnel development with experts from other organisations
  • Working groups on specific topics such as taxation, compensation, recruitment and planning for future recruitment needs
  • Inputs from external experts

Having worked on these issues together in the COP, organisations can then further develop their professional practice in their day-to-day work .


Course supervisors from training institutions in Switzerland offering IC-related studies and courses

  • Sharing of information and experiences on current challenges and development of courses
  • Promoting dialogue to avoid overlaps across courses
  • Marketing of courses
  • Identifying the needs of employer organisations to ensure relevant training
COP Security
COP Security

Member organisations’ staff responsible for security

  • Ensuring the security and protection of employees in the field and workplace
  • Working groups
  • Cooperation with the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF): developing studies and guidelines for duty of care, and using these as reference documents in discussions with the Swiss government.
  • Exchange of experience and inputs from experts

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