We take your team further

Employees in international cooperation expect constant, careful monitoring of their careers, and professional development in core competencies, such as handling security and stress, intercultural communication, and working in and managing remote teams. Our services provide you and your team with what you need most.

Do you have specific concerns or questions about personnel development in your organisation? To best meet your needs, we tailor our advice on topics such as personal and professional assessments, career development, and core competencies such as leadership, security and health, intercultural cooperation and team building and maintenance. We can develop specific personnel development tools to meet your needs. We always ensure the transfer of knowledge and competencies within your organisation.

We develop your personnel

All employees, from junior staff to managers and specialists, want professional development opportunities to feel satisfied, motivated and effective. Offer your team further education and training that is practice-based and methodologically varied.

We develop training packages to meet your specific needs. Create your optimal programme, either adapted from our standard programme or newly designed for you: courses and workshops at cinfo, in your organisation or online, for one day or a longer programme, addressing topics such as personal and professional assessments, competency assessments, shaping careers, and developing core competencies. We help you, as a respected employer, to support and motivate your personnel with the highest quality of human resource development.

We support field-based employees online

With customised online courses for your employees posted abroad, you can encourage early career reflection and decisions, and support even fixed-term employees in establishing their career. Through this service, you can ensure the cohesion and well-being of your team, and the positive image of your organisation.
Article «Pourquoi il vaut la peine d'investir dans les compétences de carrière des collaboratrices et des collaborateurs» 

We advise and coach individuals

Prepare your employees for the challenges in their daily work and operations abroad. We tailor a programme suited to your specifications and needs: it could take the form of individual consultations and coaching or workshops for teams, online or onsite. Based on our experience and contextual knowledge, we coach managers and specialists, and train them in core competencies such as leading across distance, team development and intercultural communication.

Our clients

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Entwicklungsdienste AGdD, Association for Development Cooperation AGEH, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH, Bethlehem Mission Immensee, Centre suisse de services Formation professionnelle CSFO, E-Changer/MBI, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC, INTERTEAM, Mercator Foundation, NADEL ETH Zürich, Pestalozzi Children's Foundation, School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute Swiss TPH, SYNI, The Graduate Institute Geneva, Unité

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