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Choose a job on a jobs portal and apply? You can save yourself considerable time and effort if you first carefully analyse both your situation and the concerned work environment.

Writing a curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter are a normal part of the job application process. However, there are things that you should first consider.

Know yourself

Understand what distinguishes you professionally and where you want to be. Consider what your strengths are and also what you want to learn. What is important for you in your work? Perhaps you have a long-term goal in mind perhaps it is rather vague at the moment.

What matters is that you carefully consider your motivation for this particular job. Why do you see yourself in this position? What can you bring to the organisation? Will you be satisfied? Do you really want it and for how long?

Know the job

In a small space, a job advertisement summarises tasks and requirements under a position title. You need to know more to be able to answer the previous questions about your motivation. You must understand the tasks and priorities and be able to imagine the daily work life.

You also have to know what this organisation does, in what contexts they work and their philosophy. Who are their employees and what is the atmosphere like?

Answering these questions requires additional research. You can ask the organisation some of these questions directly and you can speak with people from your network about others.

Only when you can explain your strengths and reasons for applying, and are better informed about the position, should you write your CV and cover letter.

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