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International cooperation itself is not a profession. It is a field in which a broad spectrum of professionals can work. The profiles of specialists often change after years of employment in international cooperation.

A profession is work practised over a long period of time, requiring completed studies and from which you earn an income. More often than in other fields, the actual job in international cooperation (IC) is only loosely connected to the original profession studied by the specialist, because it is carried out in specific contexts, with great importance placed on cooperation with local structures and specialists.

Sorted by theme

Rather than determining which professions are sought in IC, the term “thematic area” is used, such as peacebuilding and crisis prevention, health or education.

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Priorities that determine demand for professions also change. In recent years, scientists were in demand because of climate change, but this trend has now reversed. However, some trends are very clear over a period of time: manual professions are seldom in demand, and when so, primarily because they are combined with additional skills. Additional experience and specific skills beyond the original profession can be more important than the job title.

In addition to thematic differences are the differences between specialists and generalists. Often a specialist starts out in IC with a particular expertise and later develops into a generalist or a manager. Others further specialise in their particular field.

Training – yes or no?

If you are thinking about undertaking education or training with the goal of IC in mind, choose a profession you would like to practise, in case things do not work out later in IC. There are many areas of study that can act as a springboard for a career in IC.

Is my profession in demand?

If you are already working, it is more important to analyse where and how you can use your knowledge in IC. Find out about the profiles and activities in IC. Getting into IC is often not just a question of having the ‘right profession’. Get yourself informed and seek advice.

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