Pre-departure Security Workshop for those involved in international cooperation

As you prepare to travel and work abroad, learn how to enhance your personal safety and security, and how to deal with stress.

A 1-day workshop, many benefits

Unexpected, annoying incidents

While we can prepare ourselves for the imaginable, we often ­encounter situations at work abroad that we never imagined could ­disrupt the balance in our professional and personal lives.

This workshop helps you to deal with those unexpected, ­annoying incidents without being thrown off track.

Challenges and risks

Only after a few weeks do you start to see the reality of the ­situation you are in. Have you assessed the challenges adequately? Do you have the right tools to deal with the risks you are facing?

In this workshop you learn how to proactively minimise risks and to react competently to unexpected events.

You and them

You are a complete unknown for the people in your ­future ­posting, even if they know your function. You will have to integrate and position yourself. What is valued here is not ­necessarily well-regarded there – and vice versa.

This workshop helps you to self-reflect from the perspective of the local population, to identify potential security risks and to adapt your behaviour accordingly.

Topics covered

  • Safety and security in daily life (e.g. choosing appropriate places to stay and means of transportation)
  • Reducing the probability and the consequences of incidents
  • Basic communication and negotiation techniques (e.g. when facing officials and weapon bearers at roadblocks or check-points)
  • Reacting to violence (e.g. sexual harassment, threatening individuals or angry crowds, shooting in public places)
  • Applying simple stress prevention tools and coping mechanisms
  • Learning from your own experience


  • Short theoretical inputs
  • Individual and group reflections and exercises
  • Exchange of experiences among participants
  • Tailor made approach depending on participants' destinations.

Get to know your trainer

Daniel Glinz

After 8 years as a newspaper correspondent in East Asia, Daniel joined the ICRC, where he ­worked for 15+ years as a delegate (Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, India, Colombia and Mexico), team leader, trainer and finally as a manager. Originally trained in sinology (Leiden University), he completed his portfolio with a Federal Certifi­cation in Adult Training, a MAS in Transcultural Communication and certification as a professional coach. Empowered by his vast and varied professional experience, which he combines with a sharp wit and innovative, out-of-the-box pedagogical ­methods, he is always keen to inspire and support you.

For whom

  • Professionals active in humanitarian aid, development cooperation or peace promotion
  • Accompanying persons who follow their partner (working in the sector) abroad.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to...

  • identify the main risks in the context you are travelling to
  • analyse and monitor your environment
  • reflect upon a coherent security framework
  • analyse and monitor your environment
  • choose secure places to stay overnight and means of travel
  • acknowledge the links between personal safety and stress management.




Select a date

Start date Title Member price Price
27.10.2020 Pre-departure Security Workshop CHF 350 CHF 450

CHF 450
Member price
CHF 350

Incl. beverages and snacks

The reduced fee applies to employees of member organisations of Network cinfo (except educational institutions).

In case of cancellation 3 days or less before the start date, you pay 50% of the course fee.

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