Solidar Switzerland

Solidar Suisse fights for decent work, democratic participation, and social justice worldwide. On behalf of our donors, we put solidarity into action in over 60 projects in four continents. We fight for decent work and sustainable livelihood, democratic participation and human rights in the poorest countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Asia and we provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid. With foresight and ambition we eliminate social wrongs, and create possibilities and prospects for disadvantaged people.

Working for Solidar Switzerland

Solidar Switzerland employs 30 staff in Switzerland and 150 staff in offices abroad.

Sought profiles

  • Program manager, development and cooperation (based in Switzerland)
  • Program manager, humanitarian aid (based in Switzerland)
  • Country coordinator, humanitarian aid (Delegate in the field)
  • Expert, humanitarian aid (Shelter, WASH, finance, logistics, etc.)
  • Acquisition officer (based in Switzerland)

Zurich, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, humanitarian aid, advocacy, decent work and sustainable livelihood, democratic participation and constitutional structures, fight against social injustice and poverty

Countries of operation
14 countries

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