State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

SECO is the federal government's centre of expertise for all core issues relating to economic policy. The Economic Cooperation and Development Division is responsible for the planning and implementation of economic cooperation and development activities with partner countries, aimed at easing their integration into the world economy and promoting economic growth that is socially responsible as well as environmentally and climate-friendly. SECO collaborates in the form of bilateral cooperation with priority countries and multilateral cooperation, particularly with international financial institutions.

Working for SECOState Secretariat for Economic Affairs

The Economic Cooperation and Development Division of SECO finances 175 full-time positions, of which 89 are based at the headquarters, 30 abroad and 56 are locally hired staff.

Sought profiles

University degree or equivalent, good knowledge of international cooperation and ideally several years of professional experiences in this or a similar field. Interest and expertise in economics and in project management. Good negotiation skills and extremely resilient. Languages: German, French and English (written and spoken).

Opportunities for students and junior professionals

SECO offers internships for students and graduates.
More information on internships with the Federal Administration (in French, German or Italian).

In addition, SECO finances 4-5 Junior Professional Officer (JPOJunior Professional Officer ) positions with International Financial Institutions (IFIsInternational Financial Institutions ) each year, i.e. the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation (IFCInternational Finance Corporation ), and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development ). These positions are exclusively open to Swiss nationals under the age of 33, with a master’s degree and at least three years of professional experience. Given the relatively small number of applicants, these positions constitute a unique opportunity for young professionals to start a career in one of these IFIs.
Swiss JPO positions

Berne, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Strengthening economic and financial policy; urban infrastructure and utilities; support for the private sector and entrepreneurship; sustainable trade; climate-friendly growth; multilateral cooperation. Cross-cutting themes: economic governance, gender equality

Countries of operation
Advanced developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America as well as selected countries in Southeast Europe and Central Asia

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