Sustainable Development

The following courses take place very soon and might be of interest to you:

Executive degrees in Environmental Governance & Policy Making

Make an impact and contribute to solving some of todays' most pressing environmental challenges. 

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by The Graduate Institute

The Protection of Human Rights and the Environment

To learn more about the international legal framework for the protection of human rights (HR) and the environment and how to promote environmental protection through existing HR mechanisms.

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by Geneva Academy

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals

To learn more about the relationship between economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) and sustainable development goals (SDGs), and acquire practical tools to include ESCR and the SDGs in your work.

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by Geneva Academy

Executive degrees Advocacy in International Affairs

Develop the analytical, strategic and communication skills you need to drive public opinion and to influence decision-makers on current global issues.

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by The Graduate Institute

Executive Master in International Negotiation and Policy Making

Understand world issues from a negotiator's perspective-  foster a deeper understanding of global governance, a mastery of strategic decision tools for policy-making and analysis, and the personal acumen for international negotiations.

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by The Graduate Institute

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