Swiss Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT

As the national authority for all peace support operations involving Switzerland's military, Swiss Armed Forces International Command SWISSINT is in charge of planning, managing, recruiting, supporting and guiding its personnel. It trains individual staff members and contingents, and is responsible for the soldiers' operations specific equipment, for logistics services abroad, finance planning, budget management, mission-related PR work and mission evaluation.

Working for SWISSINT

Currently, about 250 men and women, mainly conscripts in the ranks of soldier to major general, are voluntarily deployed to peacekeeping missions in eighteen countries on four continents.

Profiles sought

SWISSCOY is looking to recruit the following: liaison and monitoring team members, dispatchers, doctors, nursing staff, press officers, coach and truck drivers, logisticians, and lawyers.

Applicants who successfully complete the recruiting procedure are admitted to the training course. Basic requirements include Swiss nationality, 18 to 65 years old, perfect reputation, and work experience. Completed military recruit school is mandatory for men. Women without prior basic military training can serve in some SWISSCOY functions but will be taught military skills before beginning their regular basic training. Some posts require a good command of German and good to excellent English language skills.

Swiss nationals interested in joining the personnel pool as UN Military Experts on Mission (military observers, liaison officers) or UN Military Staff Officers, must meet the following profile: officer rank first lieutenant or higher, between 25 and 55 years of age, completed vocational training, good command of written and spoken English, and civilian driving licence category B. Candidates must be willing to put their personal interests in the background and have negotiating and diplomatic skills. Showing sensitivity to the cultural circumstances in the deployment area is as important as having high social skills and being mentally and physically resilient.

The Swiss Armed Forces also participate in the humanitarian mine-clearance programmes of the United Nations. In this domain, there are job openings for women and men between 25 and 65 years of age with completed vocational training or studies in logistics and IT, and practical skills. 
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Portraits of staff members

Stans-Oberdorf, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Human rights and peace promotion.

Countries of operation
18 countries on 4 continents

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