Swiss Church Aid

HEKS, the aid organisation of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, supports programs against the effects of hunger, poverty and injustice. Besides HEKS provides humanitarian aid for the victims of natural disaster and armed conflicts. HEKS supports the Eastern Europe’s Protestant Churches’ welfare work. In Switzerland HEKS campaigns for the rights and integration of refugees and socially deprivated persons.

Working for HEKS

The HEKS’ international development cooperation and humanitarian aid programs were coordinat-ed from Zurich and Lausanne. In its focal countries HEKS operates own country offices for which local staff has been being recruited. Expatriates are delegated to project regions in exceptional cases only. HEKS is cooperating with local partners whenever possible.

Opportunities for students and junior professionals

HEKS offers one or two job options as Junior desk officer/Thematical advisor to young persons. These positions are limited to a maximum three years duration. They are appropriate to master graduates in agronomy, applied sciences, ethnology, sociology or political science. The candidates should dispose of first work experience. The positions are based in Zurich. It is possible to chaperon mission journeys to project regions.

Zurich, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, humanitarian aid, peace promotion & human rights, conflict resolution, interchurch cooperation, rural development, advocacy for socially disadvantaged people, social integration.

Countries of operation
Switzerland and 20 key countries

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