The Swiss foundation for development cooperation SWISSAID is an NGO that supports self-help projects for indigenous population groups suffering chronic poverty. Inspired and motivated by a vision of a just and peaceful world that celebrates diversity, SWISSAID strives for a liveable future without hunger, poverty, violence and war.

Working for SWISSAID

182 people work for SWISSAID worldwide, including 39 staff in Switzerland. SWISSAID values local knowledge and works exclusively with local experts (not with Swiss expats).

Sought Profiles

Only local experts are hired in the field. Sought profiles in Switzerland: programme managers with experience in development cooperation, development policy, marketing, communication, fundraising.

Opportunities for students and young professionals

No regular internships or junior positions.

Portraits of employees

Bern, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, hunger prevention, ecologically sustainable agriculture, secure water supply, specialist training courses and enhanced awareness, advocacy and empowerment, education and training, gender issues. In Switzerland: public relations and engagement in development policy

Countries of operation
India, Myanmar, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Tanzania, Chad, Ecuador, Colombia and Nicaragua

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