Testimonial on the UN Youth Volunteer Programme

For young Swiss graduates, UN Youth Volunteer positions are an attractive opportunity to start a career in international cooperation.

They provide solid field experience and networking opportunities that may lead to further employment with the UN. But how did people experience their UNYVUN Youth Volunteers assignment in the field? Read the testimonials of former UNYVs, who laid the foundation for their career in international cooperation within the framework of the UN Youth Volunteers programme.

Sabina Stein, Former UN Youth Volunteer for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme )

What motivated you to work in international cooperation?

Growing up in Geneva played a role; the city’s humanitarian values and history marked me as did meeting people devoted to international service. At a more fundamental level, however, I believe it is a deep-seated aversion to conflict, violence and exclusion that drives me. I feel that anything that can be done to counteract such forces, no matter how small, is always worth it.

…and to apply for a UN Youth Volunteer position?

At the time I was working at the Centre for Security Studies (CSS) in Zurich, in the field of mediation and conflict resolution. I was looking for an opportunity to get closer to a peace process, in order to better understand how third parties could try to support them. I was lucky that the first round of UN Youth Volunteer recruitment included a position with the United Nations in Colombia, where a historic peace process is underway. It was an opportunity I did not want to miss; it was one of those rare moments in the field of conflict resolution when you could be at the right place at the right time.

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