Thematic Coaching

Do you feel challenged, confused or overwhelmed at work? Do you need a sounding board outside your organisation?

With the guidance of your coach…

You analyse your situation

Together with your coach, you describe and dissect the situation or the issue you want to talk about: 

  • What is going on?
  • What is fact and what is your perception? 
  • What is your role or contribution to the situation?
You explore new options
You explore new options

Together with your coach, you learn how to see and explore new perspectives:

  • What are your goals and resources?
  • What options do you have? 
  • Which options would you like to explore?
  • What else is important?
You identify solutions
You identify solutions

Together with your coach, you identify and decide on solutions. You commit to them and reflect on how you can implement them in daily life.

In a coaching, you analyse the circumstances and your role in them.You explore possible changes in your behaviour and reflect on how to implement them.


Topics covered in coaching include typical work challenges, such as:

  • working in multicultural teams and in different cultural contexts;
  • leadership issues;
  • stress and work-life balance;
  • health and safety.

Other topics can also be addressed, according to your needs.

For whom

Junior and experienced professionals in international cooperation, employed at the headquarters or abroad.


You can receive this support in person at cinfo in Bienne, by telephone or Skype.

  • A first single session of 60 minutes (initial analysis of your situation, outline of the next steps)
  • A package of two hours (2 x 60 minutes) at a reduced price
  • Additional single sessions of each 60 minutes 
  • Or a package of six hours (6 x 60 minutes or 4 x 90 minutes) at a reduced price


on-site and online
Bienne or online
CHF 180 / 340 / 890

Single session: CHF 180 
Package of two hours: CHF 340
Package of six hours: CHF 890

You won't be charged for a cancellation if it is made more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment time.


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