Training and further education

If your professional goal is to work in international cooperation, you will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, but preferably a master’s degree. Your field of study is less important in achieving your goals than many assume. To a certain extent, you can also steer your career later on through experience and further training.

Many different professions are sought in the context of international cooperation (IC). Some typical functions are not closely tied to a particular profession. Therefore we recommend that you choose a field of education that reflects your interests and passions. What would you like to do if IC does not work out?

First learning goals, then further training

Further training is part of a continual process of professional development and allows you to adjust to new challenges. When choosing a course of further training, it is worth ensuring that it corresponds to an analysis of your competencies and middle-term goals. A standard module of further training that is unrelated to your previous career may remain nothing more than an entry on your CV.

Also consider how you would like to use the knowledge you acquire from the training in your job and how you can further develop from it.

«Education is that which remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught.»

Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, 1. Earl of Halifax

Yes, but which course?

There are numerous courses on many themes in Switzerland and abroad. Ensure you gain a broad overview and then compare. Criteria for choosing may include:

  • your goals, learning style, financial and time constraints
  • to what extent it is practice-related, length of course, requirements, type of diploma, teaching staff and methods
  • reputation of the institution, available information about the course and graduates

Who are the other participants? They would also like to learn about you. And they are potential professional contacts for your professional network.

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