Talent Programme: Swiss Youth at the World Bank

For Swiss graduates only: The Swiss government, through SECOState Secretariat for Economic Affairs , funds a one-year talent programme at the World Bank. With your Master's degree in hand and a first work experience, you are eligible for this unique international opportunity.

The next call for application will be in early 2022. These positions are part of the United Nations Youth Volunteer Programme (UNYVUN Youth Volunteers ).

Please note:

✔ YES, you are part of the team and valued - you are an integral part of the World Bank personnel during your assignment. 

✔ YES, you have a great chance – since the programme is reserved for Swiss graduates, there is no international competition when applying.

✔ YES, your work is rewarded – so that you can get the best out of your assignment, all travel, relocation, life and health insurance costs are covered. 

This opportunity will allow you to

  • work with the World Bank in developing countries
  • obtain on-the-job training
  • increase knowledge and competencies in your work area of interest, while living in dynamic and multifaceted settings
  • join the work force of young Swiss professionals in the area of international cooperation

Minimum requirements

  • Swiss nationality
  • Master's degree in a relevant field
  • Ideally 12 months' relevant professional experience (min. 3 months - max. 24 months)
  • Max. 28 years old at the start of the assignment
  • Excellent command of English and knowledge of 2 official Swiss languages (active knowledge of at least one of them)
  • Demonstrated thematic interest in economics, finance, international cooperation, human development, environment, etc.

Application is closed 

Next call for applications: January - February 2022

Why work with the World Bank?

It is not a bank in the ordinary sense

You will not be working with a profit-driven institution, but a purpose-driven partnership. 

The Sustainable Development Goals are at the core of their work

You will contribute to fight poverty in all its dimensions and promote shared prosperity. 

The Bank is operating all over the world

You will work in a developing country, with a truly diverse team. 

The Bank works with a vast array of partners

You will have the opportunity to interact with governments, civil society groups, the private sector and others. 

The Bank has unique assets in knowledge and financing, contributing to address global challenges

As part of the institution’s whole action, your work can have a real impact. 

Why participate in this programme?

You will be able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice

You will increase knowledge and competencies in your work area of interest. 

You will develop intercultural skills that you will not find elsewhere

You will work in an international setting, with different work styles, values, and communication approaches

You will be part of an organisation recognised for the excellence of their staff

You will add a leading international development organisation to your resume. 

You will work closely with various partners and stakeholders

You will develop a network and position yourself for a global career. 


Swiss Confederation

These positions are funded by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). As a result, they are open to Swiss nationals only.


cinfo is mandated by the Swiss Confederation to promote the programme, publish all vacancies, process the applications and conduct the recruitment process. cinfo also prepares the selected candidates for their assignment, and ensures the follow-up during and after the mission.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

UNV is in charge of the global programme. UNV partners with all funding governments (such as Switzerland) and the hiring organisations (such as the World Bank), and deploys the selected candidates in their countries of assignment.

The World Bank

The World Bank is responsible for managing the selected candidates, who are an integral part of their staff, during their assignment.