Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a new International Financial Institution that offers the unique opportunity for suitably qualified candidates to participate in the early stages of its development.

Inaugurated in January 2016, AIIBAsian Infrastructure Investment Bank 's focus lies on the development of infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia, including:

  • energy and power
  • transportation and telecommunications
  • rural infrastructure and agriculture development
  • water supply and sanitation
  • environmental protection
  • urban development and logistics

AIIB has USD 100 billion in authorised capital and 57 founding and prospective founding members, including China, India, Russia, Germany, and Switzerland. China is the largest shareholder, and Asian countries hold 75% of authorised capital.

Switzerland and AIIB

As one of the first European countries to participate in AIIB’s foundation, Switzerland became a founding member of AIIB on 25 April 2016. With a contribution of USD 706.4 million in capital towards the new bank, Switzerland holds 0.9156% of the voting rights.
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Therefore, the Swiss Confederation has an interest in attracting qualified Swiss professionals to apply for positions at AIIB.
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Career opportunities

Working for AIIB offers a unique opportunity to engage in a highly motivated and professional international environment and to participate in the foundation and early phases of a newly established regional IFIInternational Financial Institution .

As its portfolio expands and operations evolve, AIIB will continuously seek professionals with proven experience in areas such as:

  • investment finance
  • infrastructure development
  • treasury operations
  • administration
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • management

For experienced professionals

Though recruitment is still in the initial phases, AIIB regularly seeks qualified mid-career to senior level staff and consultants. Find AIIB vacancies on our job portal cinfoPoste. Create a profile and set up your job agents (customised email alerts) to be notified of the latest job openings.

For young professionals

In 2017, AIIB launched its Young Professionals Programme (YPP). The programme is considered as being pilot in nature during the first three years.

Application and selection process

Explore open staff positions and consultancies. To apply, send your application (including a covering letter and CV) to Blind applications are not accepted.

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