European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was established in 1991 to further progress in central and eastern European countries towards market-oriented economies and promote private and entrepreneurial initiative.

Working with the private sector, EBRDEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development invests in projects, engages in policy dialogue and provides technical advice to foster innovation and build sustainable and open market economies in over 30 countries committed to applying the principles of multi-party democracy and pluralism. EBRD is owned by 66 countries, the EU, and the European Investment Bank.

Switzerland and the EBRD

Switzerland has significantly supported EBRD since joining in 1991.
> Read more about Switzerland's cooperation with EBRD on SECO's website and on EBRD's website.

Around 0.3% of staff members are Swiss nationals. For this reason, the Swiss Government has an interest in attracting more Swiss nationals to work for EBRD.
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Career opportunities

EBRD regularly looks for staff members with a range of profiles in banking and corporate functions, or professionals in other areas with an understanding of banking principals. 

Other professionals regularly in demand are specialists in the areas of compliance, economics, technology, engineering, human resources, international affairs, risk management, strategy and policy.

For experienced professionals

Professionals with a university degree and several years of relevant experience are regularly sought for mid-career to senior level staff positions or consultancies.

Banking specialists at EBRD usually have a master’s degree in Finance or a related discipline and at least 3 to 7 years of relevant experience.

For young professionals

The following programmes are an excellent way for young professionals to gain first-hand knowledge of EBRD's work or build a network for future aspirations:

Employment conditions

Salaries at EBRD are set by market data and matched to internal levels to ensure parity within a team. This means that EBRD’s salary system differs from the systems of other IFIsInternational Financial Institutions in that it is not made public.

Staff not only receive a competitive salary, but also an attractive range of benefits, including medical and life insurance, annual leave, maternity/paternity leave, pension scheme, commuting cost loan, recognition scheme, overtime pay, employee discounts and additional allowances for themselves and their dependents.

Two-thirds of EBRD’s staff work at the headquarters in London, and a third in the field.

Application process

  • Staff positions: Find EBRD vacancies on our job portal cinfoPoste. Create a profile and set up your job agents (customised email alerts) to be notified of the latest job openings.
  • Consultancies: Consultancies at EBRD are limited to the areas of IT and evaluation. Find a consultancy

The length of the process depends on the vacancy. The interview can take the form of a case study, telephonic interview, Skype or face-to-face, depending on geographical constraints and role requirements. After the interview, the recruiters will inform you of their decision and next steps. If you are not successful, do not be discouraged but continue applying for positions that you feel qualified for!

Career development

In addition to temporary contracts, EBRD also offers open-ended, ‘regular contracts’ and hence considerably high job security.

Career development within EBRD is considered a shared responsibility: individuals take ownership of performance and career aspirations with support from managers.

EBRD recognises that learning occurs through experience, informal collaboration and more formal classroom-based programmes, and offers a variety of development solutions in each category. In addition, EBRD’s Geographic Mobility Programme provides many opportunities to move and work in different locations, which is beneficial for career development.

Are you Swiss?

cinfo offers additional information and services exclusively for Swiss nationals.

EBRD in a nutshell

This power point explains what EBRD does and how you can join.

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