What offers cinfo?

cinfo – the Centre for Information, Counselling and Training for Professions relating to International Cooperation (IC) – is a specialized service provider and the network platform for professionals and organisations involved in the IC job market and for persons who wish to become active in this field.


cinfoPoste – the online jobs portal:
cinfoPoste is Switzerland’s market leader in advertising vacancies in the fields of development cooperation, economic cooperation and development, humanitarian aid and the promotion of peace and human rights.

Job application:
Are you applying for a specific job, or are you about to do so? We can support you in compiling your application and provide practical training for the job interview.

Working in a multilateral organisation:
Discover career opportunities at the United Nations (UN) and international financial institutions (IFIsInternational Financial Institutions ) and increase your chances of being recruited.

Swiss JPOJunior Professional Officer positions in multilateral organisations:
A Junior Professional Officer (JPO) assignment is a unique opportunity to start a career in an international financial institution or at the United Nations.

United Nations Volunteers UNVUN Volunteers :
As a Swiss UN volunteer, you get the opportunity to contribute to development, while gaining solid UN work experience.

Swiss UN Youth Volunteers Programme:
This is your opportunity to work with the United Nations in a field office. An incredible learning experience for young Swiss graduates and a great talent management initiative.

Career advice:
Do you have questions about your career in international cooperation? We clarify, advise and guide you in planning the next steps.

Thematic coaching:
Are you feeling overwhelmed or confused by your professional situation in international cooperation? Discuss your concerns with a neutral, external coach.

Orientation de carrière
Apprenez à énoncer vos compétences, réfléchissez à vos envies professionnelles et imaginez les possibilités de vous réorienter : lors de l’atelier et des entretiens individuels qui suivent, vous définissez votre profil et votre projet personnel de développement professionnel.

Laufbahnorientierung :
Lernen Sie Ihre Kompetenzen benennen, reflektieren Sie Ihre beruflichen Wünsche und stellen Sie sich mögliche Neuausrichtungen vor: durch einen Workshop und persönliche Beratungsgespräche erarbeiten Sie Ihr Profil und Ihr persönliches Entwicklungsprojekt.

Journée de réflexion – travailler dans la coopération internationale:
Découvrez le marché suisse du travail dans la coopération internationale (CI), les employeurs qui y sont actifs, les exigences et les possibilités d’y faire carrière. Réfléchissez à vos motivations et évaluez vos chances.

Arbeiten in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit – Reflexionstag:
Lernen Sie den Schweizer Arbeitsmarkt der Internationalen Zusammenarbeit (IZA), die verschiedenen Arbeitgeber sowie die Anforderungen und Laufbahnmöglichkeiten kennen. Reflektieren Sie Ihre Motivation und schätzen Sie Ihre Einstiegschancen ein.


Leading remote teams:
Adapt your leadership style to the specific conditions of managing remote teams

Managing Across Cultures:
A distance learning programme in three modules, delivered online, for people aiming at managing teams and projects effectively across social and cultural differences

Safety & stress awareness and preparation:
Assess major security risks, develop your awareness, take measures to prevent incidents and minimise their impact, apply personal stress management tools and know your legal obligations and duty of care.

We also offer...

all kind of information about working in international cooperation, several communities of practice, Symposium and Forum, Reports on Swiss Labour Market in International Cooperation and other topics in relation with IC.

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