Workshop - Ethical visual practice for public communication

How do images impact us, and what do they have to do with power? What kind of world do we portray when we use images to describe "reality"? What damage can images do if we do not use them carefully and consciously?

This workshop, facilitated by Fairpicture on behalf of cinfo, is specifically tailored for cinfo member organisations. It aims to raise participants' awareness of the specific challenges of visual communication in the field of international cooperation, drawing on Fairpicture's expertise in this critical area.

Women in Lokolo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, listen to speeches about women's rights as part of the celebrations for International Women's Day. DRC 2023.
Wednesday 28 February 2024, 09:00-17:00
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Women in Lokolo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, listen to speeches about women's rights as part of the celebrations for International Women's Day (DRC 2023).

Your takeaways

  • You will recognise the challenges and opportunities of visual communication and fair storytelling in your professional context. 
  • You will understand how stereotypes work and how to avoid perpetuating them.
  • Practical tips will be provided, highlighting what you need to be aware of as a producer and publisher of images.
  • A special focus will be on data regulations in visual communication, taking into account the new data protection law in Switzerland.

Who can benefit

This workshop is specifically designed for professionals engaged in visual communication within the field of international cooperation, making it an ideal learning opportunity for communication officers, content creators, journalists, marketing specialists, photographers and graphic designers. 

This workshop, which is reserved exclusively for staff of cinfo member organisations, has a notable advantage: a significant part of the costs is kindly covered by cinfo, underlining our commitment to supporting our members in their work.

Sessions overview

Facilitated by Miša Krenčeyová and Noah Arnold

Workshop I (morning)

Make your pictures fair: Facilitating change in visual communication

In this workshop we will explore the history of images in international cooperation and ask: What are stereotypes? How do they work and how do they continue to shape our communication today? Based on this exploration, we will ask about ethical visual communication and what we need to be aware of. 

Theoretically grounded yet highly practical, this workshop will provide you with the background, frameworks and strategies necessary to ensure that the images you produce, store and use are fair to all parties involved. 

You will leave with an understanding of how stereotypes work and how to avoid falling into classic traps. Equipped with ideas for inclusive imagery, you will be inspired to create new stories and find new ways to communicate visually.

Workshop II (afternoon)

How safe are your images? Handling data protection and compliance requirements

We are surrounded by the big-sounding buzzwords of the digital age: encryption, protection, regulation, algorithms... The details may sound technical, but digitalisation has ethical implications: the production, storage and use of images should not violate the rights of the people depicted. Legal frameworks for privacy and compliance requirements are the basis for protection.

In this workshop we will look at how you can communicate with images in compliance with data protection regulations, with a special focus on the new Swiss Data Protection Act (nFADP).



Misa Kr
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