World Vision International

World Vision is a child welfare organisation that provides development cooperation, emergency aid and disaster relief, and acts as an ambassador for children’s rights. Its activities focus on sustainable support for disadvantaged children, families and their environment.

Working for World Vision

World Vision International has around 42'000 employees around the world.

Sought profiles

WVI offers a wide range of career opportunities, from tackling humanitarian emergencies, working in development and advocacy, to performing support roles such as finance, IT, marketing and human resources.
WVI also maintains an emergency response “On-Call” Candidate Roster, which is comprised of experienced personnel available for short-term emergency assignments. WVI draws on former WVI employees as well as other qualified external candidates to respond to humanitarian crises within 72 hours.
Requirements and application

Opportunities for students and junior professionals

World Vision Switzerland provides no internships.

Portraits of employees

Stories of WVI

World Vision International

World Vision Switzerland

Monrovia (CA), United States of America

Swiss national office

Fields of activity
Development cooperation; humanitarian aid; children’s rights; health; education; water and sanitation, disaster management

Countries of operation
Around 38 countries

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