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cinfoPoste is one of a kind

Access the only Swiss portal for jobs in international cooperation, both in Switzerland and abroad.

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On cinfoPoste, 180+ organisations actively seek a broad range of profiles, from finance to education, HR to health, communication to construction.

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Receive email suggestions for jobs that match your profile, thanks to the algorithms powering our "job agents" feature. In some cases, our recruiters may approach you personally for jobs requiring hard to find profiles.

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cinfo experts offer regular information tailored to your profile, such as career tips and job opportunities. You also get access to exclusive events.

Free and easy registration and profile update

Uploading your CV and other application documents to your profile is easy and has full privacy protection. You can update your profile anytime.

cinfoPoste 3.0 – Maximum chance of success for minimum effort

With cinfoPoste 3.0, the Swiss job market in international cooperation takes a step forward. Focus on the talent pool, the core of the new platform.

Clarifying misconceptions about the cinfoPoste Talent Pool

Have you ever joined a talent pool? Are you intrigued or somewhat reluctant to dip into the possibilities that talent pools offer? This article demystifies this practice and highlights the associated benefits of creating a profile and keeping it up to date.

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