Managing Across Cultures (next module: 3)

A distance learning programme in three modules, delivered online. We enable you to manage teams and projects effectively across cultures.

Module 1 – Communicating Across Cultures

Communicating and interacting with people from other social and cultural backgrounds plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of any project. This is especially the case in humanitarian action, development cooperation, the promotion of human rights and peacebuilding, where diverse stakeholders are involved. You will learn how to handle these challenges in this webinar and a individual coaching session.


You are aware of how your own cultural values influence your behaviour, understand the main challenges in communicating across cultures and develop the strategies to improve your listening skills.

Course Content

  • Unconscious biases
  • Distinguishing facts, feelings, emotions and interpretations
  • Culture and communication – what is this (and what is it not)?
  • Main challenges in communicating across cultures
  • Values, norms and patterns of behaviour
  • Communication styles and codes (verbal and non-verbal)


Professionals who are working with people from different social and cultural backgrounds and who want to communicate more effectively.

Module 2 – Building Trust in Multicultural Teams

Trust is the most important ingredient for any team to be productive. However, the concept of trust varies from person to person and is heavily influenced by culture. As a leader or manager of a multicultural team, building and maintaining trust is one of your top priorities. You will learn how to do this in our webinar and a individual coaching session.


You can identify and apply the measures needed to establish a common ground in a multicultural team, upon which trust can develop and grow. Furthermore, you learn to create and effectively utilise transparent and flexible communication tools.

Course Content

▪      External conditions for building trust
▪      Different perceptions and ways to build trust
▪      Honest and transparent communication
▪      Essential factors for a well functioning team


Team members and leaders in the field, and programme managers in the field or at Headquarters.

Module 3 – Managing Conflicts in Multicultural Teams

Unexpected reactions, feelings of uneasiness and misunderstandings happen more frequently in multicultural teams than between people who share a common cultural heritage and similar communication styles. As a manager, you should know how to address these issues properly and will be taught how to do so in this webinar and a individual coaching session.


You can identify the most common sources of misunderstandings and can spot and defuse conflicts at an early stage, before they produce negative consequences.

Course Content

  • Different perceptions of conflict
  • Conflict resolution and leadership
  • Managing difficult conversations (bad news, negative feedback, etc.)
  • Conflict management styles aMnd models
  • Case studies


Team leaders in the field or at Headquarters, programme managers and professionals who interact frequently with people from different social and cultural backgrounds.


The module starts with a collective webinar, which is recorded for the participants who are unable to view it live. An individual coaching session of 60 minutes with the facilitator is included in the offer. Additional coaching sessions can be provided at an extra cost.




Daniel Glinz, Senior Advisor and Trainer cinfo
Anna Krebs, Consultant cinfo

Programme or single module?

You can attend the whole distance learning programme Managing Across Culture or just a single module. If you register for the whole programme you will get a 15 % discount (see cost).


Please register online by clicking on the button on the right side. Last registration date: 3 working days prior to the course start date.

Module 1

18 August 2016

Module 2

15 September 2016

Module 3

13 October 2016

Time: 14:00 –15:30

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CHF 765
Prix membres
CHF 510

Programme with 15 % discount

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Full price: CHF 300
Reduced price: CHF 200

The reduced price applies to employees of member organisations of Network cinfo (except educational institutions).

In case of cancellation until 4 weeks prior to the course, participants pay 50 % of the course fee, until 2 weeks or less 100 %. This also applies to the reduced fee.

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