One-to-one with UNV recruiters

Are you interested in starting a career with the United Nations? The UN Volunteers programme may be your entry point! Apply for this unique opportunity to have a personal meeting with UNV recruiters.

Apply for an online one-to-one meeting with UNV recruiters on 20 September (individual slot of 15 minutes between 8 AM and 5 PM, Swiss time).

How the application process works:

  • Register for at least one of our Behind the Scenes events (23 June and 4 August). See below for an overview of the events.
  • Apply via the registration link sent by email to Behind the Scenes participants
  • Update your profile in the cinfoPoste talent pool with an up-to-date CV

Please note that cinfo and UNV will review the CVs and contact the selected candidates. Only then will the exact time and invitation to the meeting be communicated.

online one-to-one interview
Date 20.09.2022 add to your calendar
15 min
Individual slots starting 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Swiss time)
Price CHF 
En ligne
Evénement d'information et de networking

Overview of the events with UNV

📆 Thursday 23 June – with UNHCR, UNICEF & UNV
Register now

📆 Thursday 4 August – with UNDP, UNFPA & UNV
Registration opens soon

📆 Wednesday 24 AugustApplication support
By invitation

📆 Tuesday 20 September – 1 to 1 with UNV recruiters
By invitation

Seize this unique opportunity

Participating in at least one of these events (23 June and/or 4 August) may allow you to benefit from a free application workshop and to be selected for a one-to-one meeting with UNV recruiters.

Detail of the UNVxcinfo event series 2022