Open for applications: Six positions at I-DAIR

We are making progress on digital connectivity, but access alone is not enough. Do you dare… to become part of an innovative initiative striving to shape the Digital Health landscape worldwide? Do topics such as Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (AI), real time epidemiology & dashboards, data architectures and data interoperability, digital health solutions’ benchmarking, etc. resonate with you? Then please read on.

The International Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence Research Collaborative (I-DAIR) is a new Geneva-based initiative for the inclusive, responsible and innovative use of data and digital technologies for global health. They are currently funded by some of the leading foundations in the area of health and innovation, and their partners are pursuing exciting and cutting-edge work in digital and artificial intelligence (AI) - based applications for health across the globe.

By 2030, every adult should have affordable access to digital networks, as well as digitally enabled financial and health services, as a means to make a substantial contribution to achieving the SDGs.

Recommendation 1a from Report of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, June 2019

Do you dare?

I-DAIR is looking for six highly motivated, hard-working, talented and resourceful self-starters to join its team in the following capacities. Click on each job title to receive more information on each position, sought profiles, compensation packages and submitting your application: 

For any questions related to these positions or the recruitment process, please contact

Join the team!

Led by Ambassador Amandeep Gill, former Executive Director of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, I-DAIR's team is coming together rapidly at Geneva and a small number of other hubs around the world. A series of pathfinder projects in areas such as a global research map, real time epidemiology and dashboards, data architectures and data interoperability, bridging research and practice communities through micro-narratives, experience sharing and capacity-building, and governance for AI and data for health are slated to begin in Summer 2020 as a prelude to further development of the platform and its formal launch in 2022.

I-DAIR prefers candidates to have cross-domain expertise and experience in at least two of the following: data science and artificial intelligence; clinical practice and research; management, health policy and development work. 

Are you a dynamic self-starter with track record in the sought areas? Can you visualize what others are struggling to see? I-DAIR is looking forward to hearing from you! 

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