Positioning your career in a post-pandemic world

Michael Emery, HR Director of IOM-UN Migration, engages in a tough talk with journalist Nicoletta Cimmino on (post-)Covid realities and best practices for both organisations and individuals. He talks about how to position your career in a post-pandemic world.

Positioning your career
Neva Fark


Graduate Trainee 2021

In this interview, which took place during the Forum cinfo 2021, Michael Emery talks about:

  • Due to the pandemic, what has changed at IOM, structural changes and the work environment, culture-wise.
  • Why staff productivity while working from home is very location-specific, and how to take this into account as an organisation.
  • How IOM performed well during the pandemic, and how they could have done things differently.
  • What “Culture of Recognition” means at IOM, and why it is so important.
  • How IOM is preparing for the future of human resources management, and the discussion of the hierarchical vs participatory approach.
  • The challenges IOM faces: discussion of management skills, soft skills (aka. human skills), and staffing in difficult locations.
  • What he understands as “resilience”, strategies for developing resilience and how to expand your comfort zone.
  • How to create a narrative around your value proposition when applying for a job.
  • IOM’s attitude to diversity, what women mean for the workforce, and what he considers an effective and balanced team.

“A key competency is to have courage. You have to be courageous to tackle the big issues that are facing us.”

Watch the interview: