Swiss Academy for Development

The Swiss Academy for Development (SAD) is a centre of excellence for sport and development. We use sport and play to empower disadvantaged children and young people in Switzerland and internationally to become healthy, educated and employed citizens.

We see sport as being a form of life-long learning, and are convinced that people learn best through play. Children and young people acquire basic skills through sport and play, which help them to deal with the challenges of daily life and to actively shape their lives.

We implement all of our projects in partnership with local organisations. We focus on solid monitoring and evaluation and use approaches to development that are based on clear facts. Our consultancy services use our specialist knowledge and competency in methodolody, gained through decades of experience. We publish the results, and promote the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning with the International Platform on Sport and Development (

SAD was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit foundation in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. We are ZEWO certified (Swiss seal of quality for not-for-profit organisations).

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Biel, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, sport and development, education, employment, health, integration

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