Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to create value for resource-poor small farmers in developing countries through innovation in sustainable agriculture and the activation of value chains. The operational strategy of the SFSA focuses on smallholders, productivity and markets.

Working for Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Since its creation over 30 years ago, SFSA’s principle has been to run projects through local employees, with local partners. The foundation has over 100 employees worldwide, with the largest teams in Kenya and India. The Basel office has 12 employees.

Sought profiles

Employees join SFSA from a range of organisations. including private companies, NGOs, international research institutions, universities and donors. Typical educational backgrounds include agriculture, agricultural economics, biology, environmental sciences and business. The foundation also employs staff with other backgrounds.

Opportunities for students and junior professionals

From time to time, SFSA offers internships or other short-term work experience opportunities in Basel. SFSA welcomes enquiries from Swiss citizens wanting to do civilian service ("Zivildienst").

Basel, Switzerland

Fields of activity
Development cooperation, economic development cooperation, agriculture, agricultural value chains, agricultural R&D

Countries of operation
Africa (e.g. Kenya, Mali, Senegal) and Asia (India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia), with additional activities in Latin America

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